District of Columbia Preservation Catalog

A tool for preserving affordable rental housing in Washington, D.C.

The DC Preservation Catalog is a database of rental properties in the District of Columbia with units affordable to low-income households (at or below 80% area median income) through one or more federal or local housing subsidy programs. The Catalog is used by a network of government agencies and community-based organizations to track properties at risk of being lost as affordable housing and to develop strategies for preserving these units.

Some of the information captured in the Catalog includes the property name, location, owner, manager, and physical condition. The Catalog also contains data pertinent to the various subsidies that contribute to a property's affordability, including each subsidy's effective expiration dates, the number of income-restricted units, the income level at which the property is affordable, and an owner's intention to either continue or discontinue participation in the affordable housing program.

Initially developed by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the DC Preservation Catalog is now being maintained by the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development and NeighborhoodInfo DC.

Preservation Network Reports


Information in the DC Preservation Catalog is drawn from HUD and other administrative data sources, supplemented by personal observations. Because of delays in updating and reporting, these sources may not always reflect the current status of the property. While efforts are made to ensure its accuracy and completeness, the Catalog may not be comprehensive and is continually being updated and improved.

For more information on the DC Preservation Catalog, please contact Stephen Glaude or Peter Tatian.